Many people dismiss chiropractic as being something only for back pain, but chiropractic treatment can be used to treat a wide variety of physical issues, such as migraines and headaches, chronic pain, carpal tunnel, pain due to injury or muscle strain, and much more.

Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic New Berlin WI Testimonial"I first came to see Dr. Durski in May of 2017.

My condition was whiplash from a roller coaster ride in April of 2017. Previously I had tried muscle relaxers and stretches that would give me temporary relief but the pain persisted.

I first met Dr. Durski and Valerie at the Princeton Club.

In less than 2 months of seeing Dr. Durski, I am feeling so much better. My results have been great! Treatment has taken away neck pain and the other aches and pains."

- Angela Popp

Chiropractic New Berlin WI Testimonial"I first came to Durski Chiropractic early June 2017.

I was suffering from chronic fatigue and lack of a good night’s sleep. I noticed is becoming more and more of a problem after college. Any given day in a work week would often wipe me out, resulting in napping a few times a week to play catch up from the night before.

I would attribute it to bad habits of poor posture with working at a computer all day. Often called “tech neck” where there’s no curve in the neck.

Before coming to Durski Chiropractic I tried improving my diet (more fruits and vegetables) and continued exercising (even running 2 marathons!) but noticed not much improvement in my energy. I even tried consistent times of going to bed/ waking up but would still wake up multiple times during the night. The results were I would still feel drained by the end of the week.

I heard about Durski Chiropractic when I was working out at the Princeton Club, I stopped by for the 1 minute stress test/trigger point treatment Chiropractic adjustments have greatly improved my energy level. After my very first adjustment, I noticed a “flow of energy” moving up and down my body within 1-2 days. I asked myself, “was THIS what I was missing the whole time?!” My sleep has been more sound, too!

The past week, I have been waking up at 5am (!) to get a ‘jumpstart’ on my day. I could not have done this a few months ago, I would’ve been too exhausted from a bad night’s sleep. I still nap a little, but now it’s by choice, not by decision!"

- Alex Palzewicz

Chiropractic New Berlin WI Testimonial"I first came to Durski Chiropractic in May of 2016.

My condition was lower back pain, right ankle and knee pain, neck stiffness, and difficulty sleeping due to injuries suffered during a 26-year military career. I have a V.A. disability rating of 50% for these injuries.

Previously I had tried other chiropractors, took off the shelf pain meds, and tried various exercises. My results would end up being limited relief for brief periods, frequent periods of limping and poor sleep.

I was referred to Dr. Durski by my son, Sean McCormack.

Chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Durski have improved my symptoms by 90%. I can get much better sleep, walk longer distances, and much less pain and headaches. I now use little to no pain meds and get lower blood pressure readings.

Walking, sleeping, and flexibility are all much better. Energy level is higher because of pain relief. Overall health improved!

'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him'. "

- G. K. Chesterton.

"I became a patient of Dr. Durski in June of 2007 when the pain in my upper back became persistent. For ten years I thought the stiffness and tension was a result of hunching over my desk while studying at college. I had always wanted to go to a chiropractor, but thought the pain was not severe enough. When I was working out at the Princeton Club I was offered a free screening and consultation by Dr. Durski. As a result of Dr. Durski’s treatment my back feels so much better. I have more energy and experience fewer headaches and fatigue. The orthotics, he ordered, have helped put the spring back into my step and my posture has tremendously improved."

- Emily

"I first came to Durski Chiropractic on September 15, 2009 – It was either try this or need pain medication.

I was experiencing chronic lower back pain, aches in the hips, neck pain, spinal discomfort, and knee pain. These all began about 10 years ago as a result of standing 8 – 10 hours daily, flay feet, and carrying heavy people up and down stairs as an EMT in Milwaukee for 14 years. The pain was sharp at times and dull all of the time.

No other treatment was sought prior to Dr Durski.

I took advantage of a free assessment being preformed by Dr. Durski at Bally’s in Brookfield.

I currently have no neck discomfort, no spinal pain with the exception of the lower spine, no sharp pains / occasional dull pains and minor knee pains. My chronic cough (bronchitis) lasted 1 month instead of the usual 3 months."

- Craig

"I first came to Durski Chiropractic in August 09, 2009. I was experiencing severe neck and back pain, fatigue, irritability, weight gain, bad posture at work and difficulty sleeping through the night. These symptoms began to develop approximately twenty (20) years ago as a result of a car accident and intensified after a sledding accident ten (10) years ago.

I have seen five (5) different chiropractors within the past ten (10) years with minimal pain relief and no lasting improvement. The treatment provided by Dr. Durski has provided me significant pain relief, increased my energy levels , reduced my irritability , improved my sleeping , and supported my weight loss of ten ( 10 ) pounds. Overall I can function again thanks to Dr. Durski."

- Karin

"I am a 38 year old female that first came to Durski Chiropractic in January of 2011. I had been experiencing daily tension headaches, shoulder/neck pain, and periodic low back pain. My joints and muscles were so sore that it was challenging to sleep and to get moving in the morning. It was difficult for me to exercise,because every time I started an exercise regimen, I would injure myself. My immune system was compromised and i was getting sick on a frequent basis.

In the past, I had tried many different treatment options including going to a diffrent chiropractor, Physical therapy, and had also seen several orthopedic specialists. Along with stretching exercises, I was prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxants each time “my back went out”, which happened about every 1-2 years. I also had cortisone shots to help alleviate the pain. Shortly before coming to Durski Chiropractic, I was taking Ibuprofen on an almost daily basis.

The results since being treated at Durski Chiropractic have been an absolute blessing. The education alone is more that any other doctor or physical therapist I had seen in the past could ever explain to be about my symptoms. I rarely, if ever, take medication other then vitamins and supplements. My sleep is sound and I feel well rested when I wake, My headaches are few and far between, my posture has inproved, I have lsot weight, I haven’t been sick, and most impotantly my energy levels are soaring. I feel better than I have in years and honestly feel I have been given a new lease on life.

I know I have to put time aand effort to continue on this corrective treatment plan, but ultimately I know it is well worth it. A sincere thank you to Dr. Jeff Durski and his entire staff for the superior care I have received from the very first appointment."

 - Anonymous

"I first came to Durski Chiropractic in September 2011.

I was experiencing back and neck pain. I was really having troubles with my lower back. I have been having these problems since 2002. My pain really started when i had a Herniated disk.

I have tried other ways to alleviate my pain. The latest attempt was Dr. Drahwall and his Plank Road clinic. I have also tried to stop the pain on my own but I still had pain.

I was referred to Dr. Jeff Durski by my wife who has experienced great results under his care. The treatment that was provided by Dr. Durski has left me with less overall pain and fatigue. I have also experienced better sleeping patterns and wake up rested. The stiffness in my back is still there but I’m sure that with continued treatment I will get my flexibility back.

Since being treated by Dr. Durski I can now ride in the car longer then I have before without extreme stiffness in my back. When I wake up in the morning I’m relieved that I can easily get out of bed in the morning. Thank you Durski Chiropractic for all your help."

 - Anonymous

"I first came to Durski Chiropractic on February 15th.

I have had lower back pain on and off for many years. I herniated a disc just after delivering my son in February of 2012. I had surgery to remove the herniated portion of the disc in March, 2012. That surgery helped to relieve the severe pain, but I never felt well, even after physical therapy and appropriate stretching and exercise.

I was treated first by a chiropractor, a massage therapist, an orthopedic surgeon, and finally by a physical therapist. The results were all poor until I had surgery, which relieved the horrible, constant pain; still, pain persisted along with stiffness and reduced range of motion.

I was referred into Dr. Durski’s office by my mom, Mary Carney. The treatment I have received has provided very good results. I am generally pain free and have much improved range of motion. I would be crippled without chiropractic treatment."

– Amanda Morrill

"I decided to give chiropractic care a try when I started having low back pain in early May. I noticed the pain start after a trip to the gym for a workout. I hadn’t been to the gym consistently in over 6 weeks due to a surgery. The day following my workout I noticed my lower back was very sore, and it only seemed to get progressively worse as the days went on, at times to the point where I wouldn’t able to carry my son very long and had pain shooting down my right leg.

Growing up from grade school through high school, I was very involved In sports and had several sports related injuries that required medical attention and physical therapy at times. Despite prior injuries, this is the first time that I have ever sought chiropractic care as a treatment option. I figured I didn’t really have anything to lose, but have been astounded by all that I have gained since starting my chiropractic rare.

The results that I that have had from doctors and physical therapists helped alleviate the symptoms but perhaps not always the underlying condition.

I found out about Durski Chiropractic when I was leaving the Princeton Club after my daughters swim lesson. I stopped to chat with Dr. Durski about my low back pain symptoms and receive a free 1 minute trigger point evaluation.

In less than two months of seeing Dr. Durski, I am feeling so much better! I have been pleasantly surprised as admittedly, I was somewhat skeptical of chiropractic care initially. My low back pain has subsided; my ittitability and fatigue have also greatly improved. I never realized how tired I truly was everyday until this past week. I do not get that sluggish/completely drained feeling in the afternoon anymore. I have much more energy to keep up with the kids and every day activities. Chiropractic care has definitely been a blessing in my life, and I really like I am on a path to 100% health and wellness."

– Megyn Baer

"I was experiencing years of chronic shoulder, back and neck pain, along with fatigue and sinus problems. These symptoms began to develop years ago, as a result of my time as a machine gunner in the Marine Corps. I have tried physical therapy as I was in the process of being discharged from the military. I met Dr. Durski at Vitamin Shoppe one Sunday and set up an exam that day. I started seeing Dr. Durski in the beginning of June. Since then I’m feeling less and less pain as the weeks go by. My sleep issues have gone down dramatically. Any cold, sinus, and allergy problems that I get are less severe and pass through quicker. My job during the week is very physically demanding and I’m able to get through the week with having less soreness. I can also do my regular workouts and training on top of it! I can also move my left shoulder around much more freely for the first time in over ten years, which is very nice!"

– Erik Krempien

"I first started seeing Dr. Durski in June of 2014.

I had reoccurring soreness in my middle and upper back that would persist for days at a time, off and on. It began several years ago and I believe that it was caused by poor posture while sitting at a desk for many years during high school, college, and at work. It was severe enough to cause discomfort if I stood up or sat down for prolonged periods of time.

I was not treated by any physicians. I wanted to stay away from any options involving surgery or medication. Dr. Durski was my first method of treatment. I am a member of the Princeton Club so I knew there was a chiropractor at this location.

My back is currently pain free. The soreness in my back stopped after several adjustments. I had a negative curve in my neck that was likely causing the pain. The negative curve was corrected and now I have a near perfect neck curve. This is likely the reason that my back soreness is gone. My neck is now bearing the load of my head much more efficiently with the correct curve.

I am very happy with my results and plan to continue to see Dr. Durski for further corrective and maintenance care."

– Brandon Graef

"I first came to Durski Chiropractic in the Spring of 2013.

I was having neck and lower back pain. My neck pain began in April, 2013, while I have had discomfort in my lower back for about four years. Running would bother my back, but for the past two years my back would also hurt in the morning from sleeping. Additionally, my neck hurt while sleeping and running and it was getting worse.

I had never been treated for my back or neck prior to seeing Dr. Durski. I found out about him by making a walk-in appointment after my workout next door at the Princeton Club. I decided to see a chiropractor because my brother had seen a chiropractor who helped his back.

Within a couple of weeks of chiropractic care, I noticed a difference with my back and neck. The pain had decreased and my range of motion was improving. After about two months, my x-ray had shown improvement in my neck curvature. By six months, I had significant benefits in my neck and back. I can sleep better without getting up in the middle of the night from back pain. I was also taking Prilosec for acid influx and now I do not take it because I have very little acid reflux as compared to before receiving chiropractic care. Going to Durski Chiropractic has improved my energy level and quality of life.

Dr. Durski is very honest with you by giving you true results. The whole staff and Dr. Durski have been so helpful and dedicated to my care. I am so glad I chose Dr. Durski for my chiropractic care and will continue my maintenance care here!"

– Jeff Ottaway

"My Personal Testimony — September 17th, 2012

I want everyone to know that because my husband, Andre, wanted something better than poisonous prescription drugs for our family he began researching. He found a wonderful man by the name of Dr. Jeff Durski, in New Berlin at Durski Chiropractic Health Center.

Headaches, terrible menstrual cramps, acid reflux and sneezing were all a part of my life for years. I tried several pain relieving prescription medications, extra strength antacid and nasal sprays but nothing seemed to help. I constantly felt tension in my neck and shoulders; it felt like a pinched nerve. My husband was always massaging my shoulders and lower back, which would help alleviate my pain for a short while but it, would return soon after.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Durski, (July 2012) I have NOT had ANY headaches! It’s amazing how this chiropractor has helped me. It feels so good to tell my family and friends that my headaches are GONE! I have not had to take any of the pain killers for my menstrual cramps nor have I experienced that dreadful pain in the middle of the night from acid reflux. I use to wake each morning sneezing 15-20 times. I was thrilled several weeks ago when I noticed I woke up and didn’t sneeze for the very first time in a long time. I am ecstatic to know that my husband, through continuous research, was lead to the best chiropractor on this side of heaven… Dr. Durski is second to none!

The right chiropractor is for much more than just pain. I know how it feels to get my health, energy, peace of mind and wellbeing restored. Dr. Durski is knowledgeable, caring, and understanding. Rather than just treating his patients, Dr. Durski teaches you how and why chiropractic care is much better then prescription medications. I appreciate the personal care he gives to his patients; he even makes it convenient so that your appointments fit YOUR time schedule.

I thank God for helping me realize my health is my responsibility. I thank Dr. Durski for allowing God to use him to move the bone, which has helped me regain prosperity in my health.


– Linda Dukes


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"Rather than just treating his patients, Dr. Durski teaches you how and why chiropractic care is much better alternative than prescription medications. I appreciate the personal care he gives to his patients"

« Linda Dukes »

"The treatment I have received has provided very good results. I am generally pain free and have much improved range of motion. I would be crippled without chiropractic treatment."

« Amanda Morrill »

"Dr. Durski is very honest with you by giving you true results. The whole staff and Dr. Durski have been so helpful and dedicated to my care. I am so glad I chose Dr. Durski for my chiropractic care and will continue my maintenance care here!"

« Jeff »