Gonstead Technique

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Technique used by Dr. Durski

There are many different styles of chiropractic techniques. The Gonstead technique of chiropractic is a method of chiropractic assessment and adjustments that is very methodical, precise, and scientific. Also, the technique takes more time to learn than other methods. As a result, Gonstead adjustments are often called the “gold standard” of chiropractic. The adjustments themselves are more precise than a typical chiropractic adjustment, which allows the doctor to use a more gentle thrust, while still moving the bone. The precision of this adjustment also results in a higher degree of clearance of nerve interference caused by a subluxation.

The Gonstead system of analysis is also unique because doctors who practice this technique utilize a Nervoscope, which is a hand-held instrument that detects temperature differences from one segment of the spine to the next, giving the doctor an objective component to their analysis. In addition to using the Nervoscope, Gonstead practitioners also use the tools of static palpation, motion palpation, x-ray, visualization, and symptomatology to determine which particular vertebra is subluxated and which direction (on three different vectors) that vertebra has moved.

Subluxation. The medical definition is incomplete or partial dislocation — a condition, visible on x-ray films, in which the bony surfaces of a joint no longer face each other exactly but remain partially aligned.

If you are interested in more information on the Gonstead technique, Please refer to- www.gonsteadseminar.com


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